The story and meaning behind Brazil's most iconic and primitive painting

"Abaporu" is one of the most recognizable paintings done by a Brazilian artist. The gigantic figure is a perfect illustration of Brazil and its people. From the disproportional body to the vibrant and bright colors, everything about this canvas reflects the past and present of a diverse and complex country.

The Movement

The glories and achievements of Brazil are intrinsically attached to the land. We were, and still are, an agricultural country known for exporting primary goods to other nations. …

History, Art

The national symbol that became a global representation of freedom

The "Statue of Liberty", located in New York, is possibly one of the world's most recognizable landmarks. Its magnitude transcended borders and time when it was solidified as a global symbol of freedom, hope, and democracy.

Photo: Jewish children, fleeing Nazi persecution, greet the Statue on board of the S.S. Harding — Via

The statue is strategically located in Liberty Island, where many ships arrived in the 19th and 20th centuries, boarding immigrants that fled their native countries to pursue a better and happier life overseas.

The idea for placing the monument in the bay was so dreamers, when arriving in America, could be welcomed not by a woman holding a light torch, but by Freedom itself…

The strength and vulnerability of a woman with a tragic life

One of the most cherished painters of her generation, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist known for capturing real elements of her life in unrealistic manners that accentuated the emotions she wished to translate into her canvases. Her story was marked with life-changing and brutal events that influenced her painting's aesthetics and expression.

In one of her journals, she wrote down she carried, and forever would carry, all the world's harms and hurts. That, however, never stopped her from translating so brutally and truthfully the trajectory of her existence.

The most valuable lesson I learned in my first semester of medical school.

Being a physician is something many people around the world aspire to be. The reasons behind this decision vary, but one of them is related to the fact that medicine is one of the most esteemed careers worldwide. This prestige, however, is heavily based on the dehumanization of doctors. Let me elaborate.

Not many professions have such a direct impact on people’s lives as medicine does. For example, the early diagnosis of cancer can provide a longer life span, not to mention a better quality of life…

A message of acceptance and love for and by all.

Maybe whoever said a “picture is worth a thousand words” never got the chance to see a continuous composition of millions of pictures contained in a video. Even though the proverb wasn’t intended for this century, it applies perfectly to one of the most used ways of creating content.

And may I say that no one creates art through words and illustrations like Beyoncé. The level of joy, anger, empowerment, sadness, and unity that this woman can capture in all her hard works is unparalleled to anything we have ever…

And quite literally pissed on everything.

The Fountain might be one of the most iconic pieces in history because of its bold and provoking statement, which has us question what Art is since 1917. Created by Duchamp, the father of Dadaism, this piece was initially submitted to the Society of Independent Artists in New York. It was rejected by the board members, who thought his project what an offensive joke to Art. A few years later, this ready-made work was highly praised socially, becoming a revolutionary masterpiece that established new grounds for modern art.

Even though this is an incredible…

What Vincent van Gogh’s painting tells us about his psychiatric condition

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most recognizable artists due to his signature paintbrush strokes and his swirling paintings, like Starry Night. However, people also know him as the artist who cut his ear, an event captured in his famous Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear, and that later committed suicide. Even though van Gogh had a short life, it was very productive in the sense that in less than two decades, he painted over 860 canvas.

“Starry Night” by van Gogh — oil on canvas

Out of all the paintings done by this genius artist and misunderstood soul…

A geographically imprecise terminology based on prejudice.

In geography, we learn that every concept and attempt to portrait the world through graphics, maps, or illustrations transmit an ideological background. That is why when adopting a point of view is vital to be careful not to reproduce ideals that are incorrect or disrespectful.

An example is the prevalent use of the nomination First, Second, and Third World countries, up to this date. So here are a few reasons and explanations why using this terminology is no longer correct and what the use of it may imply in our society.

  • USSR extinction

Not your average list of remarkable canvases by incredible artists

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, traveling became an unsafe and a complicated scenario that most people have been avoiding, rightfully so. One of the things that I love doing when traveling to a country that I’ve never been to before it’s visiting museums and art galleries. If you too love art, this article is for you. In this brief publishing, I will share five paintings that either have changed the way I see art or incited a feeling that I had never experienced before. …

Beatriz Freitas

Brazilian. Second-year medical student. Love arts and social science.

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